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The hotel operations and the supply of the guests is secured on the basis of an existing measurement and hygiene concept to contain the spread oft he corona virus SARS-CoV-2.

Due to the corona calamity, restaurant operations will only be realized after advance booking.

Thuringian specialties

We invite you!

In our atmospheric, natural ambience, we also prepare culinary delights for you! Therefore we would like to welcome you in our restaurant and serve you with home-cooked Thuringian specialties. With our extensive offer there is the right thing for everyone.

In our spacious restaurant you – as well as your guests – will find sufficient space and will feel particularly comfortable thanks to the cozy flair of the rooms in classic style. If the weather is good, you can also make yourself comfortable on our terrace under the open sky and admire the view of the densely overgrown forests surrounding the hotel.

You can look forward to traditional, hearty and fresh dishes that will inspire you. We are happy to serve you wines from all over the world, so that you will not lack for anything.


Let yourself be inspired right now and take a look at an extract from our current menu. In order to offer you the greatest possible diversity and variety, we change it regularly and offer you seasonal specialities with regional references.

Suckler cow farming – what is this?

Most people associate cows with the process of milking. This is not the case with suckler cows. In this case the cows are not milked, but the milk is completely available to the calf. In suckler cow farming, the cow gets her calf – sometimes two – on the pasture or in the barn and has it by her side for the next 7-8 months. She feeds, cares for and protects it until the young cow, which then weighs about 280 kg, is weaned.

The males are then given to bull fatteners for beef production, the young female cattle are taken for reproduction and also for beef production. The young female cattle, also known as heifers, are slaughtered at around 23 months of age after a good life and produce excellent meat quality.

Suckler cows are usually meat breeds or crosses thereof and are usually kept in meadows and pastures in a semi-natural environment from spring to late autumn with their calves and the corresponding stud bull. In the barn the animals are supplied with self-produced feed from their own areas. The suckler cows are perfect landscape keepers, as they keep the meadows and valleys of our homeland open by feeding on grass.

And what ist the Schmalkalden pasture cattle?

This is the heifer from this husbandry, born in Schmalkalden, raised on meadows and pastures in the Schmalkalden area, fed with home-produced feed in the barn, slaughtered in Schmalkalden after minimal transport.

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